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At Oozou we firmly believe that the best people, tools and processes result in the best applications. With years of experience building high quality applications for companies large and small, we can provide great perspective on how to design and build your application.

Our carefully chosen tools and refined processes ensure that your project progresses smoothly and launches successfully. Through iterative development, continuously tested deployments and a tight customer feedback loop, no time is wasted.


UI & UX Design

Our designers can perfect the user
experience and make it look great.


Using Ruby on Rails we can build web
applications faster than ever.


iOS and Android development and
integration with back-end APIs.


Small iterations, no confusion, no
surprises, clear deliverables.


New features should never break old
features, testing ensures this.


Advice on how to grow your
application and drive engagement.

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Onboarding & Discovery

Let’s start the conversation

This part of the process is where we get a clear understanding of what your requirements are and you get an understanding of how we work. This ensures that we can both work together to successfully deliver your application. Additionally in this phase we can get the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way and move on to the fun stuff.

Getting to know you
Getting to know us

Wireframes & UX Design

From idea to featureset

This is where we empty your brain onto paper and produce a click flow. A click flow is a text representation of the journey that a user takes through your application. From the click flow we can produce low fidelity wireframe mockups which give a more visual representation of the user interface. With the wireframe in hand we can begin the story carding process. Each story card is a description of a single interaction or feature within your application.

Click Flow
Story Cards

Branding & UI Design

First lick of paint

During this phase our designers start to bring your branding and identity to the key pages of your application breathing life into it. These initial designs will set the tone for the rest of the UI design and development process.

Making it Beautiful


Where the magic happens

We begin to code, test and review. Working in 1 or 2 week iterations, our developers can now take the clearly defined features and implement them in the order that makes sense to you. Starting with the core features and then moving on to prioritised features that you want to deliver first to your customers. You will be an integral part of this process every step of the way and will be able to control priorities and sign-off features.

Create the Code

Launch, Measure & Improve

3…2…1… Liftoff!

Our involvement doesn't have to end here.
We can assist you in gathering user feedback, generating and understanding behavioral analytics, optimizing performance and adding new features to continue to build upon your success.
We also offer support plans to keep things ticking along smoothly.

Want to talk? Advice is always free!

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