How we designed a seamless experience for Oyura’s e-commerce

Breaking into the UK’s herbal supplement market by utilizing
user focus group data to create an all-encompassing e-commerce platform.

Oyura desktop ecommerce website
Oyura mobile ecommerce website

Brand story

The Natural Remedy Navigator

Osotspa brings you the best herbal ingredients, expertly and ethically sourced from throughout Thailand and Asia to create a range of natural herbal remedies and supplements that harness the benefits of centuries of herbal wisdom

“East meets West”

Oyura plant powered

Plant powered

Best herbal ingredients, expertly and ethically sourced and prepared

Oyura made in Thailand

Made in Thailand

Providing quality products sourced throughout Thailand and Asia, by Herbal specialists

Oyura keep it local

Keeping it local

Oyura is passionate about helping local farmers and growers in Thailand and Asia


Focus group

Based on the insights gathered during Oyura focus group, early 2020


Has a high level of understanding of the market and shops online often


Tends to shop offline more

Both profiles value depth of information in product & brand, which focus more on efficacy and safety

Their view towards herbal supplement are that they are safer, natural, have less chemicals, protect against long-term sickness, help address causes, not just symptoms, are a holistic option



A refeshing e-commerce platform, with design based on the branding of Oyura. Keep the structure and content of the website, enhance usability, simplify functionality and make it more convenient to use. The platform will initially launch in the UK and Thailand.

2019Oyura old home page design
2020Oyura new e-commerce platform design



The web application for Oyura is developed using Ruby on Rails.
A custom e-commerce system built on the open source Spree platform provide cart, order and payment integration.
A mission-specific CMS system was developed entirely using Rails. All components of the application are securely hosted on AWS.



Color Palette and Typography


More lively with light green and grey

Oyura color palette


The design required both English and Thai language, so choosing the right font styles was paramount for maximum readability.

Typography english card
Typography thai card

The updated design


Flexible and simple

As Oyura’s initial product offerings will be limited, the interface must support presentation of fewer items while supporting the ability to scale over time, showcasing content while still providing clear call-to-actions.

Oyura products desktop
Oyura products mobile
Oyura products mobile

Product images of Oyura are still work in progress. Images are used only as examples.

Oyura herbs on the English mobile websiteOyura herbs on the Thai mobile website

Herb library page - Herbs in Thailand have common names that Thai people know and have different names in English. Therefore, the display must be designed differently to make it easier for users to understand.

Language support

Site localization in English and Thai are critical due to the site being launched in the Thai local market as well as the UK market. Oyura needs to support separate products and payment system to each market.

product description desktop design
Plant capsule

Product information

Information about Thai herbs may not be well-known by foreign customers. Product and ingredient details had to be strategically-placed for easy reference - lists of key benefits, herbal ingredients and recognizable icons. Information is brief and concise, and can be understood immediately.

product description desktop design

Product images of Oyura are still work in progress. Images are used only as examples.

Testimonial emoji


Customer testimonials are critical for products in this particular market and finding friendly influencers is key to help attract customers.

Oyura customer testimonial

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