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Thailand's leading telecom business super app

With over 41 million subscribers, AIS is the largest and most established digital service provider in Thailand.

Our collaboration was more than a re-imagining of the myAIS app's core functionality - it was the evolution into a lifestyle platform for customers to explore new services, discover exclusive privileges, and enjoy valuable promotions.

UX, UI and Development
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myAIS mobile app

“Our purpose is to make myAIS become the No. 1 Everyday Lifestyle Application in the heart of our customers.”

With over 41.5 million users, AIS is Thailand's largest telecommunications provider. As the world changes and a new normal era begins, the offline world's traditional way of life is quickly moving online. myAIS is a platform that allows users to access AIS services such as bill payment, package adjustments, and privilege redemption.

Our purpose is to make myAIS become the No. 1 Everyday Lifestyle Application in the heart of our customers. The myAIS application will be redesigned to be more enjoyable and encouraging of users' lifestyles, and we will make it effortless for consumers to utilize the service.

AIS mission

Challenges, problems and our solutions

myAIS application aims to turn into a super app to serve the digital lifestyle of members, not only pay-bill or check the balance usage. The biggest challenge was to engage existing customers to continue their day to day activities through myAIS application without negative feeling but excitement in exploring the app with a completely new design of the app’s interface then become words of mouth therefore increasing the new users and expanding target groups.

myAIS mobile app Our team's underlying focus was to enable myAIS to "Easily meet all your needs from one app" and drive the design to meet that requirement.

Mood & Tone

When we defined our project's scope and direction, we began by setting the mood and tone for myAIS to be "Fun & Friendly." We wanted the user experience to reflect a lifestyle app feel rather than a just a mobile telecom utility.

myAIS mobile app user experience
Our final design, based on iterative collaboration, satisfied the business requirements while also being a user-friendly lifestyle application.

Design System

Creating AIS design system is to create a complete set of standards intended to manage design at scale using reusable components and patterns.

The design system incorporates several components that represent AIS's branding, such as colour and typeface, as well as common elements such as buttons and headers, in order to ensure design consistency and easy maintenance in the future.

myAIS mobile app branding


myAIS is a large enterprise project with complicated requirements and complex system. The wireframe is essential to ensure that everyone is on the same page. After the requirements were delivered to the design team, we brainstormed, discussed, and had many sessions with the client to clarify and fine-tune the them.

Following that, we created a wireframe and userflow to allow for discussion and confirmation of the journey with all stakeholders before to going on to the next step of creating the UI.

myAIS mobile app wireframes

New version of myAIS Application

After several discussions and brainstorming sessions with our team and clients, the UX and wireframe were approved. Our aim is to design a user-friendly interface that represents the lifestyle mood and tone while also satisfying business requirements.

Friendly Package Browsing

We revamped browsing with easy to use filters. Users will be able to browse and filter packages based on price, day, category, etc.

myAIS mobile app on iPhone

Delightful Loyalty Profile

We designed a delightful version of the AIS customer loyalty profile for each user type at all tiers, allowing customers quick and intuitive menu access to check perks or upgrade their tier.

myAIS mobile app reward points UI

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