3 basic things to consider when building an online service.

To make users use any online service, the service should consider the following: Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Playfulness and Compatibility.

In the present society, we are surrounded by online services and platforms like mobile applications and websites. No matter where you are, you can access online technology easily and rapidly. The ease of Internet access allows people to have the opportunity to get closer to innovation and technology and as such it has become an important factor that is added to our general basic needs. 

What is indicative of acceptance of usage of the innovation or technology? Here are some examples:

  • Searching for information online instead of visiting the library. 
  • Scrolling social media feeds instead of watching TV in the news session.
  • Making decisions on buying products by comparing from customer reviews and feedback.
  • Transferring money through the app instead of at the bank's counter. 

All users gain benefits when they use the online services. Therefore, building anything online is a business opportunity that can no longer be ignored. 

Consider these 3 things when building an online service

Creating online services or solutions with these three basic things from technology acceptance theories, consumer technology adoption will certainly not fail. 

Perceived Usefulness Factor

Perceived Usefulness Factor is the condition that the users will decide to accept the technology that improves and develops themselves or something in their life. Every user has the expectation of technology benefits, hence the core value of online service must comply with the users intent.

Perceived Playfulness Factor

Perceived Playfulness Factor is the condition that the user accept technology services for a feeling of freedom with the expectation of technology relaxation. Therefore, the core value of online service has complied with the user feeling relaxed and positive emotion.

Compatibility Factor

Compatibility Factor is the condition the users will bring technology service for being compliant with their lifestyle. A core value of an online service is to be compatible with daily life comfortably.


Looking into most of the successful online platforms nowadays you will find that they contain those three factors mentioned above. Therefore, knowing your user before building an online service is really important. 
When questions are popping up while making decisions for your product or service, looking at your users and see what will fit the three factors above. The service that following these factors is more likely to be appreciated by the user and become successful.


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