How to Create Feng Shui for a Small Working Space

If we create the correct alignment, the energy will flow and operate effectively and it will finally bring balanced life, happiness, wealth, and prosperity.

With the global spread of Covid-19, the situation requires many of us to work from home. OOZOU has also provided decentralization and supports their employees with technology enabling us to work from anywhere. Given the situation, most of us don’t have any other option but to work from home. That’s why I have to stick with my room and use it as my office space. Unfortunately, my room is really tiny and a bit uncomfortable for working. Therefore, I decided to explore Feng Shui’s basic idea (I heard that many successful tycoons apply Feng Shui in their offices!) and began exploring how I can utilize my small space efficiently.
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Feng shui is the Chinese ancient art of aligning objects and using energy forces from the surrounding
environment to support the individual. 

I’d like to share some ideas, especially if you have a small room or confined space like me and need to compress everything down to fit into it. Perhaps you are wondering why I am so focused on creating a workspace with Feng Shui? The answer is really simple: I need a space that works, and ultimately I’ll be more productive instead of lying on my bed! Feng Shui will guide you to create a cool space while enhancing the flow of good energy and positivity vibes. More importantly, I don’t need to invest much in expensive furniture or accessories in order to create a great Feng Shui environment.

To set up a small space by using Feng Shui, I focus on some key elements:

• Tidy up and keep everything clean:
This is an absolute must do as it is believed that good energy will flow better. It can also better-energize people who live in that space. Start working from the door and create an inviting entranceway as it’s the gateway into your home for both your body and qi. Remember that your entranceway must be clean and uncluttered at all times. You can also enhance the surroundings by putting some green plants and a clean doormat at the front.

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• Decluttering and positioning your desk:
In Feng Shui, a clean working desk is very important for your productivity and your career. The position and alignment of the desk are crucial as they can create chaos and problems if not aligned correctly, such as if you put your desk opposite the door or the bathroom. You also shouldn’t sit back against the door as well because they believe that someone will “stab your back” or ruin your reputation. Therefore, you should keep in mind that the correct alignment is a way to create a better life.

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• Object alignment on the desk:
First, the dragon position in your work area can be very powerful. Its position is very important on your desk because Feng Shui holds that it will help guide you to accomplish your work. In support of the dragon alignment, you should place computers, calculators, and anything that is constantly in use in the left-hand position of the desk in order to maximize prosperity. The next important thing is the tiger position. This alignment should be opposite of the dragon position. It represents knowledge, therefore you should place handbooks and textbooks on the right side of the desk.

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Some people may think that these Feng Shui tips may just just pseudoscience, but for me, I’m certain that it helps me to WFH more enjoyably and more productively.
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