Our little game: WhOOZOU?

As our team has grown a lot and people are working remotely, we came up with a fun way to help people recognise each other: WhOOZOU? (Who's who?)

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Our company OOZOU, is an agency building bespoke web and mobile applications for clients all over the world. Even before COVID we decided that we'd want people to be able to work from anywhere - and thus we started hiring outside our current office locations (Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vienna).

Business has been going well, so our team increased in size significantly. And because we rarely see each other in our epic HQ in Bangkok, it became more and more difficult to get to know each other. This became very clear when we rented a cinema for a private DUNE screening, last week!

Since every social problem has a technical solution (obviously not 😉 ), we've built WhOOZOU? (pronounced "Who's who?"), a fun way to learn recognising your peers:

That's easy!

The game is very simple: you get a nickname (and role, timezone and (optional) tags) and you get to guess the correct avatar picture.

There's also a few neat animations when you pick the right person (see how the avatar shakes with excitement? And if you are correct, you see a 👍🏻-🎆) :

Told you, it's easy!

Your score goes up, but if you are wrong, it falls back to zero and we show an emoji depicting "No"(which, similar to the thumbs-up, is picked randomly from all skin tones and genders available. We try our best to do the right job here - see our Code of Conduct).

Whoops. But you can continue trying until you pick the right person (still, the score resets).

Looks easy, right? Too easy maybe? That's why we've got different levels of increasing difficulty!

After the first few points you get to pick out of 6 people:

Still too easy? We hear you!

And then of course you get to pick out of twelve people.. and you see that in the top right corner? Yup, you get a 10-second countdown as well!

2 seconds left. I'm glad I managed to snap this screenshot before my score reset!

There are a few other levels with increased difficulty - things get quite blurry and hectic after a while (yes, this is blurry, and not just because it's a crappy gif animation 😄)!

It's shaking and blurry - help!

We built this within a few hours and integrated it in our internal platform (which also hosts our playbook, people-planner, time-tracking, projects, phone system, blogging platform and a million other things that help us in being transparent to our team and delivering for our clients!).

Let us know what you think and how we could make WhOOZOU? even more fun?

You want to play the game?
Then I've got just the right link for you: Careers at OOZOU!
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