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The all-in-one food delivery platform from Minor International

In 2019, “the 1112 Delivery” mobile application was introduced by our client, Minor International with the goal of exceeding users’ expectations.

With this single mobile app, users can enjoy the convenience of ordering from any of Minor Food Group's brands including The Pizza Company, Swensen's, Sizzler, Dairy Queen, Burger King, Bonchon, The Coffee Club, S&P and more.

Minor International
UX, UI and Development
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1112 delivery app
Our final design was based on multiple iterations throughout the UX and UI phase.
1112 delivery
Minor International PLC.

1112 Delivery

This new service is available through the web, iOS/Android, or dialing our call center, 1112.High quality food, delicious and hygienic meal delivery by professional drivers.


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Our final design was based on multiple iterations throughout the reseaching. We came to this end result by utilising pain points of user feedback as well as goals and objectives set initially.

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Design system

The 1112 Delivery design system includes a complete set of standards intended to manage design at scale using reusable components and patterns.

In order to ensure design consistency and easy future maintenance, the design system incorporates components that represent 1112 Delivery's branding such as colour, typeface, and common elements such as buttons and headers.

1112 delivery app branding


For the project's scope and direction, we began by setting the mood and tone for 1112 Delivery to be "friendly and creative." We wanted the app to reflect the most intuitive and convenient food ordering experience.

1112 delivery app illustrations


Since the "1112 Delivery" platform hosts multiple brands, it was important to design a global iconographic system to fit well visually and functionally with their various brand identities.

1112 delivery app iconography

Goals and objectives

The most important things that consumers are looking for in food delivery service are speed of delivery and quality of food. However, the sales channel remains an important role in this aggressive market competition.

1112 Delivery application is aimed to fulfill user’s demand from the perspective of before and after sales service. We therefore have the goal to develop a user-friendly application that is easy to use, highlights menus from the brand portfolio, allows ordering in just a few clicks, and offers status tracking from order through delivery. In addition to the user-centric UX/UI design, we also care about the code base which is easy to maintain for ongoing feature enhancement.

1112 delivery app UI

SDLC methodology

As our client is one of the largest quick-service restaurant companies with a rapidly-expanding portfolio, we needed a flexible and responsive project approach to accommodate the rapidly changing landscape. We chose an Agile "Kanban" methodology to enable continuous delivery while always focusing on the highest-value tasks.

SDLC methodology

The new 1112 experience

Our final design evolved from multiple iterations early in the UX/UI phase. We arrived at the end result from analyzing the client's pain points and desire to create a comprehensive platform inclusive of their brands.

Variety with simplicity

Choose different kinds of menu for family meals or a party with friends in single order - we make it easy for the user to order, pay and receive them all together in one delivery.

1112 delivery app burger cart UI

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