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Disrupting the home services industry with MY Home

SCG HOME is one of the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of a vast range of home improvement products and building materials.

With a focus on elevating SCG's customer experience, here is how we brought their services to a mobile app.

UX, UI and Development
iOS and Android
SCG My Home mobile app

Happiness begins at MY Home

Manage your home by yourself, with this concept initiated by SCG HOME team. We then produced the mobile application for all home lovers called “MY Home”.

The team utilised Flutter (an open source UI software that allows building of beautiful native mobile apps for both iOS and Android). After two and a half months, we produced a mobile application along with a CMS web app to manage its content. MY Home was successfully launched in June 2021, delivering on these three key concepts:

  • To easily and conveniently monitor your home's health.
  • Discuss problems with a home expert
  • Keep your home looking beautiful with easy to contact to home maintenance services team.
This project is our mobile application that uses cross platform technology, flutter!
SCG My Home maintenance service team
Easily contact the home maintenance service team
SCG My Home health insights
Detailed insights and accessibility to your home’s health

Design System

MY Home’s digital design system consists of a complete set of standards intended to manage design at scale using reusable components and patterns.

SCG My Home design system


MY Home’s icons are designed to be understandable and most importantly friendly. Each icon is simplified to its aesthetical form without stripping out their principal characteristics.

SCG My Home Iconography

Challenges and Technology

The User Experience stage, more widely known as UX consisted of our team presenting wireframes to clients in order to confirm the user journey before focusing on the UI elements.

Wireframes provide a blueprint of the page structure, layout, information and functions. As it is intended to convey the product concept, all styling, colour, and graphics are kept to a minimum.

Let’s talk about the development, starting with our tech stack. Flutter has proven to be a highly-effective tool for developing cross-platform applications. It simplifies the development of common components and reduces the amount of work needed for platform-specific adjustments. Flutter's widget-based system maps very well to the design process, helping accelerate the overall delivery of the app.

The challenges were mostly in the form of the Flutter framework not yet having "out-of-the-box" solutions for some features such as, Facebook Analytics, web callback handling, etc. However, Flutter's flexibility enabled the developers to easily create custom solutions when native plugins were not available. OOZOU is increasingly using Flutter as an alternative to native iOS and Android development on new projects.

SCG My Home mobile app UX wireframe

New User Experiences

Our final design was based on multiple iterations throughout the UX and UI phase. We came to this end result by utilising pain points of current SCG customers and consumers in the home service industry, as well as with goals and objectives set initially.

SCG My Home mobile app UX/UI

We wanted to provide a worry-free experience for users to be able to design and organise their homes

SCG My Home mobile app UX/UI


Implementing a user friendly experience is the most important aspect in encouraging user engagement when we launch new features. We came up with simple and easy to follow graphics together with interactive actions to educate users on what’s new in this app.

SCG My Home mobile app onboarding UI

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