Check for IKEA item availability

A bit of a hack, but we want to be notified if an item becomes available at IKEA.

This is just a shell script that should work on any *NIX that has curl installed.

This is how their API response looks like (replace th with your country code):

There are only two stores in Thailand, both of which are close enough to the Oozou office, we only care that it's available in one of those stores.

#!/usr/bin/env bash


# This is the string that we want to see changed

while true; do
  # Get the API response and return as string
  text=$(curl -s "$url")

  # Get a count of how many times the substring matches
  count=`grep -o "$string" <<< "$text" | wc -l`

  # If less than 2, then it's available!
  if (( $count < 2 )); then
    echo "AVAILABLE, yay.";
    # Notify us via Slack
    curl -X POST --data-urlencode "payload={\"channel\": \"…\", \"username\": \"ikea\", \"text\": \"Item $1 is now available at IKEA.\", \"icon_emoji\": \":shooping_bags:\"}"…
    # If not available, sleep for 30s
    echo "$1 not in stock"
    sleep 30

Pass in your item ID to start:

$ ./ S99067497


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